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First of all, can I thank you for visiting my blog. We all have busy schedules and demands on our time. So, your visit is appreciated.
Let me tell you a little about the blog.
Quite simply, I will be writing about the many things that interest me, and hopefully you. But maybe, thankfully, not too often. So, you can dip in and out at your leisure.
There will also be an opportunity for visitors to read short extracts from my Amazon Kindle books. All the books are available on Kindle or Kindle app, and links are included below for readers who wish to purchase the stories.

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An Invitation to Kill, published in 2019, is described as, ‘A gritty cat and mouse thriller.’

Going Home, published in 2018, is described as, ‘A poignant reflection on how fate controls destiny.’

Stalag Britain, published in 2017, is described as ‘chilling.’

Aftermath, published in 2015, is a sequel to Extreme measures. This was described as a ‘gripping story, well written.’

Extreme Measures, published in 2015, was described as, ‘A terse account of a man driven into a desperate situation.’

Happy reading,
A.P. Grozdanovic